James' Corner

I think this comic portrays James' humor exactly.
He came home the other day, handed me this comic and said he needed a place on my blog so he could post things.

So I am starting "James' Corner". I don't know how often or even if he will post anything, but be on the lookout for posts by him. YAY!

Speaking of James, he has some wonderful new things developing with his job. He will be starting a new position on November 1st. He will be the Supervisor of Dispatch. If you were to call into PG&E to report a gas leak or a pilot light that's out, the work report will be forwarded to dispatch. At that point dispatch distributes it among the Gas Service Reps. He will be over some of the dispatchers. His hours will be constantly changing. He will have a normal day shift, but he is in charge of covering the shifts of any supervisor that is out sick or on vacation. This department works 24 hours 365 days a year so this may mean that he will occasionally work nights and most likely holidays.

I am so proud of his hard work. He has done a wonderful job of networking and advertising himself. He has many departments and supervisors wanting him to fill their open spaces.


Congrats on the promotion!! That's fantastic news:).
Robin said…
Yahoo! That's our Jimmy! We are proud.

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