Family Pictures

Are you as shocked as I am?

We actually got some family pictures taken. This is only a preview of the many awesome pictures (some of you will be getting pictures for Christmas so I want you to be surprised!).

Thanks Kathryn! We had a blast!


Josh and Kimmy said…
Cute pictures!! I love the one with the sun coming through!!
you look smokin hot! love the last one in the tree with your precious pup! :) SOOO excited for our shoot next weeeeek!!!
Amber said…
I love these! They are super classy and I am crazy about that sunset pose!
Clay and Kayde said…
I love the pictures. I am surprised you got Jim to smile in all of them. Haha
Robin said…
I love that the sun looks like your hearts combined. Awesome shot! Very beautiful pictures.
me said…
Those are great Kresta. We really need to do family pictures. It has been a year! I doubt it will happen though but perhaps your post has inspired me to at least try?

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