Did you figure it out?

We've been busy ripping out all the old sprinkler lines and putting in new ones. We weren't happy with the placement of them and every day we were noticing a new leak so we decided to redo them. We are preparing to lay sod very soon so we wanted to get this done beforehand.

Once again, James amazed me. He's never messed with sprinklers before, but he acted like a pro and knew exactly what needed to be done.

Unfortunately, we got one sprinkler line done and then it rained for almost a full week. Our yard looked a lot like this. Echo loves to play in mud so she wasn't put out at all.

We have starter to plant in the areas that won't have grass. We are trying to go with a tropical theme around the pool area.

The tall tree in the middle is a Hibiscus tree. Every time I look at it, it has tons of flowers that remind me of Hawaii. We are thinking of planting a few more of these beautiful trees.

We are so excited to have our backyard ready for the swimming season!


Kraucyk said…
Lookin' good! Hey... Wait a minute! How do you have time to blog while you're in Hawaii?!
Grandma Honey said…
I love what you did in that little corner with those cute plants and flowers!

I tried to guess but came up with nothing. I didn't even think of sprinklers!

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