Hawaii Part 2

This post is full of videos! A few years ago, we bought a nice new video camera, but we've never had a reason to use it so we didn't think about bringing it with us to Hawaii. Luckily, I accidentally found out that 2 of the 3 cameras I brought along were also video cameras. I'm glad we were able to document some of our adventures!

Tuesday (4/12/11) we spent the majority of the day snorkeling! Last time we were in Hawaii, we spent many hours snorkeling. We were so excited to do it again. Sadly, there weren't very many places to snorkel so this was the only time we did it.

The resort's lagoon was connected to the ocean which allowed a lot of ocean life to freely come in and out. We were able to swim with 3 turtles and tons of fish! At one area of the lagoon, we were able to hear the dolphins clicking underwater.

This isn't the greatest picture of me (snorkel gear isn't all that flattering), but I loved that you can see palm trees over my shoulder.

Shortly before I video taped this, I was about to throw away my new underwater camera and then I realized I wasn't able to take any pictures because I had been video taping everything. It was very entertaining to watch the 10+ minutes of me swimming around attempting to take pictures of fish and turtles. It was especially entertaining to hear me get angry that it wouldn't take a picture. So once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I decided to tape the school of fish that were swimming just a few feet away from us.

After snorkeling, James and I took the scenic route back to our room (on accident). We walked down a trail through a lava field that King Kamehameha's servants filed down so that he could walk on it easier. It would have been a nice walk, if we weren't wearing flip flops and wet bathing suits.

Later that night, we went to a Luau at the resort.

James was the entertainment! After the show, many women and a man (we think he was a straight man) came up to him and told him they were impressed and offered their room numbers. Ha Ha!

James had to get a picture with his Hula Girl.

On Wednesday (4/13/11), James and I drove to the little town of Hawi to go zipling! I'm still surprised that I was willing to do this and only got nervous once (you will see that on one of the following videos), but I'm so glad I did it! I absolutely LOVED it! We are excited to go back when they have their new, more adventurous courses open.

I think I have a lopsided head because my helmet was on crooked the entire time.

We had to ride in a 6 wheeled old army vehicle to get to the zipling. It had only straps hanging from the ceiling to hold on to, it was a crazy ride!

This is a picture taken at our snack stop. It may be a little hard to tell, but there's a beautiful waterfall behind James. We were served wonderful banana bread, coconut water, guava, and fruit kabobs half way down the mountain.

This is the 2nd zipline trail.

No, I never did let go all the way, although I did loosen my grip. I heard them yelling for me to, but I couldn't get myself to let go.

This video James took while going on one of the smaller zipline trails.

Please don't laugh at me for screaming! I bet you would too when you are told to run off a cliff 1200 feet above the ground!

We enjoyed zipling, but we both agree that our guides made the whole experience. They picked guava off the trees for us to try, told us what all the plants were, showed us the edible things, and explained their culture to us.


Kaici said…
I am so jealous! Looks beautiful :)
GO Gray's said…
Watching James Hula dance was awesome!!

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