Race Recap

I've ran a couple of races that I didn't blog about, mainly because my personal paparazzi wasn't there to capture every moment, but for my journaling sake, I'm blogging about them and including the cell phone pictures of the two races.

This first race was the Angel Babies Race on 5/7/11.
If you look closely, you might notice that James is wearing the same shirt as me. I actually asked him to run this race with me. We were running for "Ruth's Runners" and I wanted him to help me support their family.

Side note: Many people have asked us why James doesn't race with me. This is a sore subject in our house. My reasoning is that- and I'm sure it's not completely logical- James is GREAT in everything he does. I want to be better than him in one area, so if he never competes with me, I'll always be better than him. Right?

This final picture is from The Valley Children's Hospital Miracle Mile Run 6/11/11.

My photographer was playing in a couple of outdoor 4 on 4 basketball games, so my running buddy and I were running solo (not literally, obviously). This race could have been my favorite if it wasn't for the blazing heat, pot holes, and the car that almost ran me over. We ran down Avenue 9, which is a rural road surrounded by orchards, vineyards, and open fields. This is also a very busy road because it connects our side of town to Highway 99. Traffic was slowed down, but towards the finish line, the cops started letting the cars drive right next to the runners. On any other cool day, I would have had a great time.


Robin said…
Well I get your logic and I agree with it!! You are doing fantastic AND enjoying it. Keep it up!

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