Our Family is Growing

Disclaimer for Mom and Dad K: You should probably skip this post and not read it or look at the pictures, but if you do decide to continue, we aren't responsible for what you might do after reading it!

We are no longer a family of 3.

Our family has gained......

1 super sensitive nose. It's nose is as close to a blood hound's as possible.

4 very colorful, very large paws.

Hundreds of spots.

And 2 very floppy ears.

How floppy? Look at them blowing in the wind.

If you haven't figured it out yet,

we are now proud owners of a 10 week old Basset Hound puppy.

She is still unnamed. We are open to suggestions, but here's our restrictions.... it can't be a human name, it has to be fun and unique.

We have been looking for a friend for Echo for a few months. We've gone to the local shelters numerous times, but have been unable to find "the one". This dog was James choice, so I finally asked him what he really wanted and he told me a Basset Hound. So we called up a breeder and got her last night only an hour before James softball game.


Robin said…
Am I FINALLY going to get a Chutney??????? How cute! Now I need to see the yard and the new granddog!!! Indoor or outdoor?
Kraucyk said…
What an adorable little puppy! How fun! We need to get up there to see her. :) Ok... here are some random name ideas: Slappy, Slinkie (or Slinky), Uno, Banjo, Peanut, Daisy (just because she's cute), Jinx, Repeat, Inch, or Hiccup. If I think of anymore I'll let you know. :)
Kraucyk said…
Or... Slow Poke, Stretch, Velcro, Turbo, Stump, Big Foot, "7".

Gary says, "Kitty", and he wants Jim to check out this link. http://www.the-puppy-dog-place.com/portuguese-dog-names.html
Scubadad said…
I don't know who Echo is. (my fault for not keeping up). But the dog should be Helloooooo!
Clay and Kayde said…
That puppy is sooooo cute! So little! I like the name slinky like the dog on toy story. I think Kim needs to get another dog cuz she has a lot of names to use. haha

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