Oh to be a puppy

If you don't want to read a post all about dogs, you should just skip this one. I promise you won't miss anything too life changing!

This puppy has thrown us for a loop. We are noticing how spoiled we were with Echo. She doesn't chew up anything, make messes, and she sleeps whenever we do. Rocket on the other hand, does exactly what puppies do. But, we still love her.

We have been getting a kick out of the ways Rocket sleeps. Echo will only sleep 2 ways and usually in about 4 different places. Rocket will sleep anywhere she can and in any way she can.

I've been taking a picture of all these ways. Some are hilarious and a few are just plain gross. Sorry these were all taken with my camera phone so the quality if terrible. I promise you, none of these pictures were posed.

This first picture isn't side ways. She fell asleep sitting up with her head pressed up against the couch.

After looking for her for about 20 minutes, I finally found her behind the toilet using the plunger as a pillow. As soon as she crawled out, she got a nice long bath. YUCK! Luckily, she can no longer fit behind the toilets! Funny story about this picture: I painted this bathroom after we had new toilets put in. James kept telling me that I needed to paint behind the toilet, but I told him that no one will ever see back there and I didn't want to get paint on the back of the toilet. When I showed James this picture he laughed and said so much for no one seeing that you didn't paint the back of the toilet. Luckily, the quality is so bad that you may not notice.

Look at those huge ears.

Wouldn't it be nice to carry a blindfold everywhere you go.

This just doesn't look like it can be comfortable.

When we first got her, she would only sleep off the ground. I put her on the couch one day and she feel asleep sitting up.

This is how she sleeps the majority of the time.

Or this way.

She likes to cuddle up to the toilet. Puke! I now keep all the bathroom doors closed.

She was sleeping under the bed for a while, but she is too big to fit under there now.

She sleeps with her eyes open a lot. It's so creepy looking!

Finally, she's a very lazy dog. If she gets tired while playing, she'll just lay right down on the toy.

We are excited to report that Echo and Rocket are finally buddies. It has only taken a month for Echo to warm up to Rocket, but they now play together all day long. I recorded this video to show James that they were actually playing together because he was out of town the first time.

I'm excited to finally have something to take pictures of. Echo runs away whenever I bring the camera out. Rocket is still too young to know what it is, so I've been taking advantage of that.

I was trying to duplicate this picture of Echo taken 4 years ago (it makes me cringe to see how badly Echo needed a haircut).

We finally got her a name tag. She was way too quiet without it.

As much as I love Rocket, I love it more when she's asleep. That's the only time she's not chewing something up.


Clay and Kayde said…
She is too stinkin cute. A lot of the pictures remind me of flash but not the toilet one. haha that's gross. We need to come see her before she gets much bigger
Kraucyk said…
Rocket cracks me up! She is DEFINITELY a puppy. Sometimes she acts like my 1 year old! ;) Great poses. I'm glad I got to witness some of these while we were there. What a cute saggy baggy puppy!
Awesome stuff, thank you and keep coming with these, will be back again.

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