Pool Fun

We are so happy that we decided to buy a house with a pool! These California summers are way too hott!

We've had a few friends over this summer. I started throwing my waterproof digital camera into the water with them and let everyone take pictures. Here are a few of the fun ones.

This is my running partner's adorable daughter. LOVE the swim suit! It's funny to see these little kids go underwater so that they can see the picture.

It's amazing how cold you can get after a nice swim.

James has started a new "hobby". He loves to jump off the roof into the deep end of the pool. Our 8ft ladder is always on the side of the house so he can quickly climb up. Here our friend decided to join him.


Eyes open and all.

My niece is a daredevil. She's almost 2, but she has no fear of the water.

I wanted to try jumping off the roof into the pool. James lovingly helped me up there and walked me through it...

and held my hand...and waited...

and finally 20 minutes later, he helped me climb off the roof. I was hoping that having no fear while ziplining meant that I was over my fear of heights. I guess I was wrong.

Our cute nieces showing off their underwater cuteness.

We love having a pool, but we love sharing it with others more!


Grandma Honey said…
Looks like your pool is quite the gathering place for the ward! :)

Well atleast you climbed on the roof....that is WAY more than I have ever done.
me said…
I am impressed you got up on the roof.
Kraucyk said…
According to me you jumped. ;) I don't think I would have done it either! BTW... I love those underwater pictures. In 10 years when you get a new underwater camera can I buy your old one?! ;)

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