Cell Phone Pictures Part 2

I loved how it turned out last time I blogged about my cell phone pictures. It's so nice to be able to delete them, but still have them somewhere. So, here's the next installment.

For Valentine's Day this year, James bought me a kit to do zebra print nails. I LOVED it!

These cars were James' when he was a lot younger. His mom gave them to him a few months ago. I came home one day with them all lined up on the kitchen table. I can so imagine little James laying on the floor, lining all the cars up to race.

In April we had our pool emptied. We had been having trouble with the pH so our pool guy suggested that we empty it and then refill it. They came in with their powerful pump and had it empty in 15 minutes!

While flying to LA on our way to Hawaii in April, we flew over the Grapevine. I thought it looked beautiful from the air. Too bad you can see the LA smog.

For our last breakfast in Hawaii, we walked to a little dinner across from our Hotel. I ordered a few Hawaiian things, one of which was fried bananas. It is now one of my favorite snacks. I know it can't be too healthy, but I don't care because it is beyond yummy!

Every once in a while I get what James lovingly calls a good wife bonus. (He gets bonuses at work and occasionally instead of keeping them, he passes them on to me. Isn't he sweet!) I thought this one was so cute!

James is a HUGE star wars fan. So this year on May 4th, I surprised him with a star wars themed meal to celebrate "May the fourth be with you". We had TaunTaun Guts (spaghetti), garlic bread in the shape of Storm Troopers, Yoda, and Bobba Fett.

For dessert, we had wookie cookie- our new favorite. It's not just a chocolate chip cookie! It's a chocolate chip cookie rolled in Cinnamon and sugar!

To drink, we had Bantha Milk (blue raspberry koolaid).

For Mother's day this year, James cooked breakfast AND dinner for me. This is monumental. In the almost 9 years that we have been married, aside from this day, James had cooked for me 3 times! The best part for me was that he actually did the dishes too. BEST mother's day EVER!

Mom K, this one is for you. We went on a date to the Nickle Arcade. James decided to play the Adam's Family pinball game.

This spring, James was on an outdoor 4 on 4 basketball league. This was the shirt that they handed out to everyone on the league. So my question is, what's the 1st greatest creation?

I didn't mean to take a video. I thought the lighting was so dramatic! This is James before one of the games warming up. I think this was in late April. It's very rare to need a hoodie in Cali in april!

James' team.

In June, we went to Disneyland with James' family. We drove down to Bakersfield and then left our car at James' parents house. A few days later when we went to our car to head home, we found these cute notes from our nieces on each side of the car.

June 15th, we swam for the first time this year! The more I think about it, I think James was the only one willing to jump in. The water has to be super warm for me to stick any of my little piggies in.

After waiting 3 weeks after putting in the sod, we mowed our lawn! It was a very exciting day. Sadly because of the strict watering schedules (we got a few citations) and the lack of rain, our grass is no longer this shade of green. It's actually closer to a shade of brown. So sad!

Our adorable niece spent the weekend with us in June. She got to sleep in Echo's room on Echo's bed (no, we didn't really make a room just for her, but in the summer she does sleep in there rather than with us). During one of her nap times, I peeked in and found that Echo had pushed open the door and jumped up on the bed with her.

While Rhyen was with us, we bought a bubble machine. That's a glorious invention! She had way too much fun trying to pop all the bubbles.

On Jume 30th, we brought Rocket home. This is Echo and Rocket meeting for the first time.

It's so sad to see how tiny she was. She is now the same size as Echo.

Once again this year James got "field burn" from playing softball. But, unlike last year, he was injured on both legs and both arms. Ouch! I wish I could say that I boosted the color in this picture, but that's how it actually looked.

James had to put together our desk. I can't remember what project I was working on, but I didn't help...much. I walked in to the office at one point and saw the following picture. Brilliant! I love how all the parts are labeled for each step of the assembling process. It even has the spare parts named.

Oh boy! Looking at this picture just makes me wish this day had gone differently. This was only the beginning of our possum drama. You can't really tell from this picture, but this possum is giving birth to a bunch of little possums. Possums are generally transient creatures so I figured it would have the babies, push them into it's pouch, and move on. NOPE! It crawled under our neighbors shed (the shed that is just on the other side of the fence where our dogs go to the bathroom). A week later, the mother was out in the middle of the day, Echo chased it away, but it dropped a baby, which Echo instantly thought was a new toy. James had to "take care" of the baby. After our neighbors had a few issues with the possum too, they decided to trap it and take it away. Unfortunatly, they only got the mother. The babies should have died without her, but they continued to crawl into our yard and annoy us. These little rodents were covered in fleas. Although we put flea medicine on both of our dogs, they still picked up tons of fleas in the yard and brought them in. About this time, Echo came down with huge sores all over her body. A vet visit and $200 later, we found out that Echo is allergic to fleas. I think after spraying flea killer all over the entire yard, vacumming the entire house, baseboards, walls, and beds, spraying flea killer everywhere, sanitizing the agregate, and washing all bedding, towels, and clothes in hot water three times, we finally have control of our house again.

I love bacon, but hate the smell that lingers in the house. I also can't cook bacon right for the life of me. I finally decided to try throwing it on the grill while I am bbqing our hamburgers and hot dogs. They still don't come out perfect, but the smell isn't in my house.

As I've mentioned in a previous post, Echo and Rocket are best buds, for the most part. One day I heard some tearing noises, I ran into our guest room to scold Rocket, but found Echo and Rocket chewing up a piece of cardboard together. This is very abnormal for Echo. In her entire life with us, she has chewed up only 1 thing and that was the week we got her. She will not touch anything that we haven't physically handed to her to play with. Since Rocket has come along, she'll chew up some of the things Rocket likes to chew on. I feel so bad everytime because I get mad at Rocket for doing it, but applaud our older, more reserved, once beaten (not by us!) dog for stepping out of her shell.

This is my family! I couldn't be happier with it!

Rocket has learned how to climb on our lounge chairs. Many days I will look out the window to see her sprawled out like this picture.


Robin said…
Thanks for catching me up on what's been happening in your life. It's been a good year for you. Love the fingernails and was actually fascinated by the injury on Jimmy's leg. Also thanks for the shout out for the Adam's Family Pinball. THE MAMUSHKA!!!!!

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