House Projects

Here are some odd and end projects that I forgot to blog about.

James replaced the outside lights in the front of our house. Our old one on the porch would turn on and off every few minutes.

We put this light on the front porch and next to the garage door (it's too hot for me to want to go out into the sun to take a picture of that one too).

We finished painting the front room last fall, but didn't put up the ceiling fan until January or so.

After getting annoyed with the organization in the pantry one last time, I bought these selves for the door and actually installed them all on my own. I love that everything has a place now.

We painted our guest room in January (I don't think I blogged about it) and put up a nice ceiling fan.

Also in January, I decided to tackle our nasty master bathroom. The walls looked like they had never been painted after the first time in 1984. There was an old cabinet above the toilet. After I removed it, I was surprised at what I found....Pink wallpaper! I was hoping to get this project done in one day, but it took me too long to remove all the wallpaper.

I painted them a light brown color and decided to go against my theory that brown and black don't go together and added black fixtures.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to find black things that we liked, so we had to spray paint the towel and toilet paper racks and the lighting fixture.

We are pretty much done with the house! It's bittersweet. I enjoyed working on it, but I'm enjoying the down time....and the extra money in our pockets.


Christy said…
Wow, you guys are awesome!! I can't believe all you guys have accomplished in your home. :)
Robin said…
Everything looks great. I think I need to borrow you now to get my list done.

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