Christmas in Wisconsin

We had a very busy end of the year. Less than 3 weeks after our trip to Hawaii, we packed our bags again (this time we replaced our swimsuits with sweaters and gloves) and headed to Wisconsin. I was so excited to spend Christmas with my family. The last time I was with them for Christmas was in 2002. Long overdue!

On our way there, we had a 8 hour layover in Las Vegas. James and I LOVE Vegas so we decided to take advantage of the time. We were there from 4pm until midnight- the perfect time of day to experience Vegas! We jumped on a shuttle to the strip and ate dinner. We then went and watched Cirque Du Soleil's Ka. As with all their shows, it was AMAZING! After the show we had enough time to walk around our favorite casinos. This was a wonderful start to our week long vacation.

My niece, Kenley has a birthday on December 22nd. We were able to throw her a family birthday party on the 23rd. Happy 3rd birthday crazy girl!

While she was napping, we decorated my sister's house for the party. She went with an Olivia theme.

She was so excited for her cake!

Everyone wasn't feeling too well on Christmas Eve so they all went to bed early. My little sister and I stuffed the stockings (to help Santa out of course!) and then played around with my camera. I have always loved the way my mom decorates the house and wraps the presents.

Kenley had a present made out of blankets. I reached to my neglected creativity and made her a bow with one of the blankets.

We used the stockings that my late Grandma Corder made for us. I was so excited to get to take them home and display them in my house.

This year all of the families got a very special present from James. He thinks up and then creates amazing games. We made a copy of a different game for each family.

My sister Kolbri, surprised all of us girls with matching PJs to wear on Christmas morning. Thanks!

On Christmas, Santa made a surprise visit to personally give Kenley a few toys.

But, she wanted nothing to do with him!

She talked to "Santa" on the phone on Christmas Eve and told us that he was a nice guy, but as soon as she heard the "Ho Ho", she freaked out. Maybe next year!

We rushed through our presents and ate our Christmas feast. Then the boys and my youngest sister (my Dad wasn't feeling well enough to go so he had a raffle to see which sister got to go) headed out to GreenBay to see a Packers vs Bears game at Lambeau field. James was beyond thrilled to go to this legendary field.

I was able to spend tons of quality time with my little niece. It broke my heart when she had to leave to go home.

Please ignore my hair in this picture! I forgot why I always wore pony tails in the winter while living in Indiana. The weather always makes my hair too staticky and clingy!

Kenley loved to look at herself on my phone so we made a few videos together. I'm so glad I did. Everytime I miss her, I just watch the videos. Here's my favorite, you can tell how much she enjoys it!

This last video is of us playing a game she got for Christmas. She is such a goof ball. Wait to the very end of the video, it's hilarious.

It was so nice being with all my family again. I hope we can someday move closer to them!


me said…
It's so nice to see your family!

And I LOVE that pic of you and James on your banner.
Robin said…
I'm so glad you had a fun time! We missed you though!

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