It's taken me a while to get to the point where I can write this post. I am sure I will still cry my way through it. 

On March 14, 2015, our sweet Echo passed away. In october, she had a toe amputated because it had cancer and had eaten away the bone. 

 On March 6, 2015, we took her into the vet because she was having trouble breathing. Sadly, they found 4 cancer spots in her longs and 2 in her ribs. We were hoping to get a year with her. Instead we got a week and a half.
 Those of you who know us, know that Echo was much more than a dog to us. Since we have been unable to have children, she became our child. For 8 years, she was our only dog and all our focus and attention went to her.
 She lived a wonderful 11 years with us. The last week and a half of her life she was spoiled to death.

 For many years, we have wanted to get her DNA tested to find out what kind of dog she was. All her vets believed she was a terrier mutt. After she passed away, James was researching dogs with her temperament, size, and coloring.

 We were able to find out that she wasn't a mutt. In fact, she was a very rare breed in the United States. She was a Hunt Terrier.
Our home and hearts have a hole that can not be filled. Echo will always hold a very special place in our hearts. As sad as it was to loose her, we are so happy that she is pain free. We love picturing her running in fields in heaven.

RIP Echo! We love you!


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