1st birthday

I started planning Rally's 1st birthday when he was about 9 months old. I decided to go with a cute dinosaur theme.

We lined our walkway with signs and dinosaur foot prints.

We bought dinosaur masks for the guests and had goody bags full of dinosaur goodies.

James put together a ring toss game that we called Triceratoss.

We had dinosaur themed snacks: dino tongues- Red Vines, dino scales- potato chips, dino eggs- green grapes, dino toenails- Bugles, swamp rocks- Whoppers, mesozoic banana bread, twigs- pretzel sticks, volcanoes- strawberries with whipped cream, fossil cookies- sugar cookies with dino foot prints, lava- cherry jello, and jurassic spores- popcorn.

Our creative friend made Rally's smash cake and dinosaur cupcakes.

We had swamp juice with cockroach ice to drink.

I made these shirts for the party (Rally's says "Rallysaurus").

Our family enjoyed the dinosaur masks.

Rally had a lot of fun playing with Papa's glasses.

Rally really enjoyed his cake. He had no problem eating it and did a great job of not getting too messy.

This is a very long video of everyone singing Happy Birthday and Rally eating his cake.

Rally learned really quickly how to open his gifts. He enjoyed all of his presents.

 Thank you to all our family and friends that helped make it a special day for us!


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