Job update

Sorry, I just realized that I left everyone hanging about the job. 

I did take it permanently. Right now I am only working tuesday and thursday afternoons. The guy that I will be replacing is getting foster kids and he doesn't want to leave until he knows he will be getting kids. So until then, I am working part of his shift.

James was so set on me working a full time job, but after I pointed out all the wonderful benefits, he couldn't pass it up. I have a few things I promised him I would do along with the job to make him feel like I am doing my share to support the family. I told him that I would do more with my eBay business and finish my photography school so I can start a studio. When we lived in Bakersfield, I started an eBay business. I absolutely loved it and I had a some regular customers. Since moving here, I have done nothing to promote it. I have only sold things around the house. So if anyone has anything they would like to sell, let me know. 

I also committed to riding one roller coaster. I am scared to death to ride roller coasters. This has been a huge source of contention in our marriage. James loves roller coasters, but doesn't like to ride them with anyone but me. So he doesn't ride them at all. I hope I don't die riding that one. 


The Gage Cage said…
I am glad James sees how good that job can be for you!!!! I can't wait for you to start taking pictures professionally. Did you ever hear the results to that contest you sent your photo to? I have seen your work and I think you you have a very good eye and talent for photography!
Brooke said…
I'd love to see you're photography!!! I didn't know you were into it. i'm trying to start my own studio someday too. What schooling have you gotten done? Congrats on the job!!! good luck wiht the rollercoaster...I can't stomache them anymore. I'm not scared, I just get REALLY sick :(
Lisa Miller said…
Good luck with picture taking. I've always been interested in it as well.
I think it's cute that you've committed to a roller coaster. I'm sure you won't die. Freak thing may happen though - you just might enjoy it!
Landy said…
Haha...the Rollercoaster thing is totally random in comparison to the other things you promised to do. What do you sell on ebay? Just random stuff? That's cool.
Kraucyk said…
I have one word for you... "Desperado." You have to ride the rollercoaster in Primm, Nevada! I did it, now it's your turn. You will never forget the experience... and probably never want to ride another rollercoaster again, EVER!

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