Lately I have been struggling with writing blogs. We never do anything exciting. We are a pretty boring couple. I also get bored with writing out things. I get frustrated when I can't think of the right words, so I just give up.

I finally figured out what the horrible smell was in my kitchen! Yay! For the past 2 weeks, I have tried not to go into the kitchen at all. There was some horrendous smell. I pulled everything out of the refrigerator and freezer and scrubbed it down with bleach and it was still there. I cleaned out the garbage disposal and put those good smelling disposal tablets in there, still smelt bad. I took out the garbage and bleached out the garbage can, but it was still awful. I cleaned behind and underneath my oven. I cleaned and bleached everything in that kitchen, but I couldn't get rid of the smell. I was afraid that there was a dead mouse or something behind the fridge or in the back of a cupboard. Last night, before making dinner, I was almost knocked over by the smell so I decided to just start throwing everything away that could possibly cause a smell. I moved James old lunch pail off of the top of the refrigerator. I noticed that it was heavier than it should be for being what I thought was empty. Back when James had his old position, I would make him a lunch everyday. When he came home from work he would sit it on the counter next to the fridge. I would empty it and clean it out. Well, on the last day of his old position he came home and set his lunch pail down as usual. That night we had friends over to play games. So he decided to help me out by taking out his ice packs and then putting his full lunch pail on the top of the fridge. So when I opened it last night, I very quickly found the source of the smell. All of the food he had that day was left in there for a month and a half. I think I am just going to throw the entire pail away. I can't even stand keeping it open long enough to throw everything away.... my curiosity got the best of me... I had to see what was smelly. I found a turkey sandwich that was very soggy with a mixture of green and brown mold everywhere. YUCK!

As much as I absolutely hate our landscaping, I love it this time of year ONLY. We have 7 rose bushes in our backyard and tons in our front. In the spring time they normally have huge roses of all colors. I have tried to take pictures of the flowers, but they have tons of fly eggs on them. So they look good from a distance but not up close.


Brooke said…
YUCK!!! That makes me sick just thinking about it!!! I can see it in my mind!!! ;) YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!! I'm glad you figured out what the smell was though!!!
Just me said…
Last night we had another couple over for chinese food. The husbands had been drinking and when boys and liquor mix there will always be spillage. So the other wife and I start to clean up a spill and the mess ran off of the table onto one of the kids' chairs. Well as I'm bent over cleaning up the chair I smelled something funky. Turns out, there was a handful of month+ old grapes under Evelyn's chair. Bleh. It was nasty. At least it wasn't making my whole house stinky!!
Lisa Miller said…
Beautiful flowers. Glad you found the smell. Good thing you didn't throw up when you opened it. I just might have. Sometimes I find I'm writing about silly stuff when nothing else is going on. Maybe no one enjoys it, but I post it anyway. It makes Janna laugh at least.
Hi Kresta! How are things going for you? I am sure glad you found the smell too!!! You and James are so cute! I love all the pics!
P.S. have you talked to Amy lately?

andrea hemingway
Brooke said…
I like the new background!!! Very very pretty! Hope all is well

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