Me and my pictures

I have had a lot of people ask me questions about the pictures I have taken. I have responded to a few people, but not everyone. I can't remember who I have talked to and who I haven't, so I decided I would write a blog that answers everyone's questions.

I have been kind of reluctant to talk about my pictures because after looking at a few of my friends pictures, I feel like mine can't compare to theirs at all. Even though I have gone through some schooling on what to look for, I think a lot of my good pictures are taken by luck.

I have always been interested in taking pictures, but never really got into it because I didn't know what to take pictures of and what to do with the pictures once I have them. With digital cameras and Photoshop, I don't have that concern anymore.

When we first moved to Clovis, I was looking for something to occupy my time. James saw a commercial for New York Institute of Photography and suggested that I look into it. I did and am now in the digital darkroom classes. The first couple of units taught me how to take pictures and the rest of the units will teach me how to do just about anything in Photoshop. Once I am done with the units required for this subject I hope to enroll again and take more classes. I enjoy going to school so combining school work with photography, I am in heaven.

I have 3 cameras- well 4 now with our video camera, that I use to take pictures. I have a cheaper, basic cannon digital camera; a more sophisticated digital Kodak with many options; and a Minolta SLR camera. Whenever I take pictures I take all 3 cameras with me. The Minolta is great to use when I want to change the depth of field. The Kodak is good for all types of pictures, but I can only take about 10 pictures before I have to change the batteries. Although I have spent a great deal of money on my Minolta and Kodak cameras, I prefer to use the cheap Cannon the majority of the time. It takes wonderful pictures all of the time. Through my classes I have learned that you can take any ordinary picture and turn it into something that looks like it was taken with a high end SLR all by using Photoshop. So I don't worry about the type of camera I use. I just focus on getting a crisp picture.

I really enjoy taking landscape pictures. I love nature and I think that it looks absolutely beautiful behind a lens. I have taken a few portrait pictures, but until I have kids I don't have too many people to take pictures of.

I have finally found a website that will post my pictures the way I want. So you can go here ---> to see them. Many of my pictures are saved on Cd's and of course right now none of my computer's disc drives seems to want to work. So there aren't too many pictures posted yet. Once I get my computers to work right I will post much more.

I believe I have answered all the questions. If you have any more leave me a comment and I will respond to you.


Brooke said…
Wow your scenery pics are great!!! I've never really gotten into scenery...I stick to people. Is the class you're taking online or on campus? I'd love to take some REAL classes. I don't feel like I'm able to get my pictures as crisp as i'd like them...that's why i want to get a higher end camera. Where did you get you're higher end camera? (the one that starts with an M)I've never heard of the brand, but I'd like to look into it as an option.
The Gage Cage said…
I am way excited to take classes with you! I love ther pic of you and James that is titled Easter 2003. I think you look like Mariah Carey in that one. I also love the pic with the San Diego Temple in the background. I love the pictures you took. All the scenery ones could be on a beautiful homes wall. I love the shot of the baby in the flowers and the one with the lollipops! Serious Talent Kresta!!!!
James & Kresta said…
Brooke- My classes aren't really online. It's a distance education program. They send you videos, cds, and discs with all the lessons. You can take your tests online if you want, but it's set up for you to mail in your tests and photo projects. My Minolta camera I bought a few years ago at a JcPenny's in Boston. Back when they actually carried lots of electronics. I like the minolta, but my model doesn't have very many options for lenses.

Krista- Wow! Mariah Carey. I wish I had her voice too. I can't wait to go to these classes with you too. I wish they started sooner, I don't think I can wait until next month!
Lisa Miller said…
You continue to impress and amaze we. Your pictures are beautiful. I think you do great at scenery and people. I agree w/ the gage cage about the baby in the flowers and the girls with the lollipops. But, your scenery is breathtaking as well. And those cakes. I wish I had more talents. I hope you know what a beautiful and awesome person you are.
Lisa Miller said…
Oh, I have a picasa web album as well. It's on the side bar of my blog under Miller photo album. It's just to show things we've done for friends and family to see.

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