Yeah, I was tagged. I love reading about other people so I hope you guys enjoy reading about me.

A-Attached or Single? Attached. Wouldn't want it any other way!
B-Best Friend- I have a few, but James is my favorite best friend
C-Cake or Pie?- both
D-Day of choice?- Saturdays, I get to spend the entire day with James
E-Essential item?- I have a few I can't go without... chap stick, mascara, and nail polish
F-Favorite color?- Pink all the way ... every shade of it!
G-Gummy bears or worms? worms every once in a while
H-Hometown? Chesterton, Indiana
I-Favorite Indulgence? ice cream, chocolate, and banana cream pie YUMMY!
J-January or July? January. I absolutely HATE summer. I can't handle the heat at all.
Kids? None yet, but we would like to have 2 or 3.
L-Life isn't complete without? My family and my Religion
M-Marriage Date? October 18th, 2002
N-Number of Bro & Sis? 3 sisters
O-Oranges or Apples? Apples. I have a hard time with textures so I can't handle oranges .... I like orange juice though (pulp free of course)
P-Phobia and Fears? Heights, roller coasters, and falling. I used to be scared to death of dogs (big and little ones) and every once in a while that fear will come back when a new dog comes around me.
Q-Quote?Of course when I'm on the spot I can't think of any
R-Reason to smile? I have a wonderful family, gorgeous husband, my health, and many many other blessings.
S-Season of choice? dead of winter all the way. I would prefer winter in a place that actually gets cold and snows.
T-Tag Ten People? Anyone who hasn't posted a new blog in the past couple of days ... you need to keep me entertained during the day.
U-Unknown fact about me? I don't like to brush my teeth around anyone
V-Vegetable? I am not a huge veggie fan. I like lettuce, bean sprouts, and corn. That's all.
W-Worse habit?- procrastination
Y-Your favorite food? Japanese food.
Z-Zodiac sign? Aries, but I don't care. I don't think it means anything.


Lisa Miller said…
I love reading these. I think I might do one on mine after I post about my vacation. I wouldn't want you to get bored during the day afterall. lol!
Landy said…
That's funny about being a private tooth brusher. I feel bad for you that you have moved to one of the hottest places on earth and you hate the summer. Sounds like my winters in Utah.:O)

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