Freak Out

I don't have too many fears. Out of the ones that I do have maybe one or two of them are irrational and the others are very rational. One of my biggest fears is coming home to our house in ashes. I worry about losing everything including Echo.

This morning as I was getting ready to go to work I had this really weird feeling.... like our house was going to catch on fire. I was debating on whether or not I should take Echo to work with me and risk her getting too hot in the car in between stops. I finally decided that everything was going to be fine and she would be much happier here by herself cuddled up on our bed. I then went to work and ran some errands. On my way home, I noticed a big black cloud in the sky. It didn't look like it was close to our house at all so I kept driving my usual route home. The closer I got to my house, the more I realized that it could very well be my house. I started to panic and think about how it would be all my fault and what I needed to do, etc. As I get to our subdivision, I notice the cops have some of the entrances blocked off. Fortunately, at that point I could finally see that the fire was one street over from our house. *sigh*

It breaks my heart that someone will have to rebuild their life due to this fire, but I am more than grateful that it wasn't my house.


Josh and Kimmy said…
So I couldn't tell you how I stumbled on your blog, I just saw on someones, "James and Kresta" and thought, what would those odds be like?
I'm so terrified of fire that I smell it when it's not there. I make Josh check the house 100 times until I can fall asleep on nights I'm convinced the house is going to burn down. He says I live my life in fear. :)
Erica said…
Off the subject.....but what did you think about My sister's Keeper and The Tenth Circle? I LOVED them both! I just finished another one of her's called Nineteen Minutes. I recommend that one as well. She is an amazing author!!!
Josh and Kimmy said…
Him asking for that song was the first time I'd heard it so we were cracking up about I'm kind of embarrassed he does that at church too! Got a good laugh again this morning though. We'll work with him on those "church appropriate" songs for ya!
Brooke said…
I've done that before where you realize that the house on fire could be yours...scary! Glad it wasn't your place though.
Lisa Miller said…
That's awful. What a scare for you especially since you had a feeling that very day!

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