Good Times with Good People

I am not sure why, but for some reason James thinks I blog everyday. He has been telling everyone that that's all I ever do now. I think it kinda makes him proud somehow. Little does he really know that I only post a blog once or twice a month. So I have decided to be better about my blog. Even though I think something is unimportant and not very exciting, I will still share it because through reading many other people's blogs I have began to realize they feel the same way yet I am fascinated with their blogs.

We had a wonderful weekend. Actually, since moving to Clovis we seldom have a bad weekend. We have so many wonderful friends that invite us out to do things and when we aren't invited any where we have people show up here. This weekend we had some friends from Bakersfield drive up to stay with us- Ryan and Tracy. James and Ryan grew up together so it was very interesting hearing stories about their childhood together. Friday night we met at the Temple and did a session and then headed back to our house. We stayed up pretty late talking. One of the main reasons they came up here was to see the new Batman movie in an Imax theater. So I bought tickets earlier this week for saturday morning. We got to the theater at about 8am for the 9:50 showing. We were the first ones in line and got the best seats possible. After the movie we headed next door to Apricot Lane. While waiting for the movie, I looked in their window and saw a purse I had been wanting and I have been unable to find it anywhere. It turned out to not be the right size, but James saved the day when he found a purse that I think I actually like more. As I was buying the purse, I mentioned that I never spend money on myself and James responded, "I know". I am taking that as permission to go shopping more .... anyone want to go with me? After that store we split up. The boys drove to the video game store and the apple store and the girls went to the home goods store (so stereotypical). Unfortunately by the time we had gotten half way through the store they were there to meet us so we didn't buy anything. By that time I could tell James was getting hungry so we all decided to go to PF Changs for lunch. It was so nice to see them and catch up. We hope to get together with them next time we are in Bakersfield. Friday morning we were very depressed when we found out that our latest medical induced pregnancy attempt failed and the 4th house we put a bid on fell through so we were very glad they were coming into town to keep our mind off of things and help us to not feel sorry for ourselves.

In other wonderful news, we have our plane tickets and hotel rooms booked for Hawaii! I have not been this excited for something in a very long time. We are leaving on thanksgiving and coming back on the 7th of December. :)

I got a new calling in church- The RS Bulletin Board person. Someone has been spreading awful rumors about me that I like to take pictures and that I am creative. I do like to take pictures, but the creative part is completely false. So because of these two things they thought I would be awesome for the job. We shall see about that. James joked and said I should just make a RS blog instead.


Lisa Miller said…
I'm sorry to hear about the baby and the house. But am glad you had friends there to take your mind off of it. I keep telling you that you need to blog about nothing like the rest of us. I thought that was a great post and I loved hearing about it. Keep up the good work posting about nothing you think is of interest. :)
schoolgirl said…
if going by your blog is any indication of creativity, I'd say you're dead wrong. Your blog is so cute! Very sorry to hear about your pregnancy difficulties. And your housing- or lack of. Hopefully, things'l start going your direction any miute now.

Love to you,
Traci Hartman

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