Softball Champs

Softball has once again come and gone. As much as I enjoy going to James' games and watching him pitch, I hate sitting in the 100+ degree heat. Our ward team continues to go undefeated. I think James said that makes 3 seasons without a single loss. Good Job Boys! (Tina, I hope you don't mind that I took these pictures off of your blog. Thanks for taking them!)
James had a nice cheering section for the championship games. For tuesday night's game, his mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, and 2 nieces drove up from Bakersfield to watch. Our good friends from our old ward in Bakersfield were also in town so they stopped by to watch, unfortunately they are in town because of sad circumstances (their 4 week old is in the Valley Children's Hospital). And once again on thursday our friends came to watch his game. James is very athletic and I could tell that he enjoyed having people go out of their way to watch him do what he does best (can you blame him).

James is the pitcher. I don't know how many horror stories you have heard about balls coming back at the pitchers, but I have heard way too many. Every game I get very nervous when a ball is hit anywhere in his direction. Luckily, he has cat reflexes and either dodges or catches any balls. At the very last game, a ball was hit back towards him, he tried to catch it, but it bounced out of his mitt and hit him on his upper thigh. He has the biggest bruise we have ever seen.... BTW he was still able to get that batter out at first. GO BABE!!

Two days later. Can you see the lines in it?


Robyn said…
David plays softball as well! I play the good wife and come to almost all of them. They won their campionship as well but got moved up the higher league and well let's just say they got creamed on Saturday!

Hopefully, James's bruise goes away soon!
The Gage Cage said…
That is a HUGE bruise! Anything for he game right? I love our ward!
Lisa Miller said…
Ouch! That bruise looks awful. Dan would love it if our stake did that.

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