Meals for January 19th - 25th

I have had a lot of people comment about my meal planning, so I am going to try and put it up here every week. That will help me and others who might want ideas.

Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Beefy Pasta (This is a recipe I created, by accident, and we LOVE it)
Wednesday: Porcupine Balls*
Thursday: Black Beans and Rice
Friday: Rotisserie Chicken
Saturday: Spaghetti
Sunday: Creamy Chicken and Noodles*

*New recipes I am going to test out

I have decided to focus on food storage this year. To do that I spend $20 a week on one item.
This week is Bread (frozen bread dough and mixes)


me said…
I am impressed. I need to plan meals. I should send you this really easy, really good pizza recipe I tried. I guess it can't even really be called a recipe since you don't really mix anything- you use refrigerated pizza dough BUT it tastes delicious... I will send it to you- it is a good one.

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