Our new photography toys

James and I have been having tons of fun with our pictures lately thanks to our new "toys". For Christmas, James got a Mat Board Cutter. Yes, he actually wanted one (and forgot he wanted it so I was able to surprise him with it on Christmas morning). We noticed that precut mat boards are expensive and boring so I think we will have a lot of fun with this.

With his Christmas money, James decided he would like a photo printer. We had been watching one at Best Buy for a while dreaming of the day we could afford it. We finally had the money and went in to buy it, but they no longer sold the model we wanted. We went to Boot's Camera Store and talked to them about the different printers and they suggested a canon printer to us. We went home to think about it and to search for cheaper prices. I was able to find one an amazon for $300 less. Deal!

Last Saturday, we were trying to waste some time before I had to pick up some medicine at Kaiser (I LOVE that they can diagnose and prescribe medication to you over the phone!) We went to Aaron Brother's to pick mat board. They were having their penny sale (Buy one get the other for a penny). So I picked these up with my Christmas money.

We had to rearrange our bedroom to make them fit, but it was well worth it. Now we have 30 frames to print pictures and make mat boards for.


Melio said…
I can't wait to hear about the mat cutter! Mats are crazy-expensive. I've thought about just buying one (with how much I've paid for custom framing a couple times, I probably would have been better off). Can't wait to see some pictures!

Brooke said…
How fun!!! I never would have thought about getting a mat cutter...now I want one!!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
Lisa Miller said…
Just got caught up on your blog. I've haven't read blogs in a few weeks. It's been busy. I love your meal planning. I've wanted to do it as well, but never got it going. You've inspired me. I also like your new toys. I love how you want to make yourself sound more interesting. I often feel the same way.
Jennifer said…
How exciting photo stuff is so much fun. I really would like to have adobe and to learn how to use it. Can you please send me your recipe for navajo tacos.

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