Color Me Rad 6/30/2012

Last month we took a break from our usual competitive spirt and ran a fun race. We ventured down to Bakersfield to try out a color race.

We thought it would be fun to print up shirts with our team name. We will be running another color race in Fresno later this year so we didn't feel bad for spending the money to get them printed up.

We went with a hot pink theme! LOVE it! These are our pre-race pictures.
And now, post race...

 This was the finish line from James' point of view.
And this was the finish line from my point of view.

 All in all it was an adventure! I can't wait to do it again!


The Jensens said…
That looks like SOOOO much fun!! Love the hot pink too :-)
Christy said…
How fun is that?! :) I saw the pictures a while ago, but I forgot to comment. I'm amazed at your running. I've been trying to get back into it...not easy!! ;) Thinking about you my friend.

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