Storm the Bastille 7/12/2012

I just came home from an enjoyable 2 weeks in the Midwest with my family (I may blog about it soon).

While I was there, I decided to run a race. The only race I could find during the time I was there was one called Storm The Bastille. It was a kick off to the Bastille Days. My sister and her boyfriend joined me. This was a different race for me in many ways. It was the largest race I've ever ran in (I think I'll stick to my small local ones), it was at night, and half the runners were running with alcohol or had been drinking at the starting line. 

When we registered a month earlier, they said there's typically 4,ooo runners, but by the time we went to pick up our shirt and bibs they had handed out everything. A few estimates were near 10,000 runners.

It was amazing running through the streets of downtown Milwaukee! I took one picture and it doesn't quite show the horde of people like I was hoping it would.


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