Hawaii - November 29th & 30th

November 29th. Saturday morning was a little rainy. Luckily, it doesn't rain out on the ocean so we were able to do the parasailing we had scheduled. Parasailing was so much fun. The ocean looked so beautiful from 700 feet in the sky. Me and my mother-in-law went first.

They were dunking our feet in the ocean.

Next was James and his dad. I didn't get very many good pictures of them. We had to sit in certain spots and move around according to the wind so I didn't have the best angle to take a picture of them :(

James and I after he parasailed.

After parasailing, we decided to head over to the Aloha Stadium to shop at the big swap meet. Unfortunately, there was a football game that afternoon so the swap meet was already closing. Since we were in the area of my old home we decided to go and try and find it. (Mom and Dad, I have way too many pictures of our house, the "up" pool and the "down" pool so I will email you the others).

My parents couldn't remember our old address or how to get there. I thought I remembered it and how to get there (and I was right) so we drove on the road I thought it was until things started to look very familiar and I knew where to go from there. Here is my old house:

I have a picture somewhere of my Mom standing by this tree so I wanted to do the same and compare the two pictures, but I don't know where the picture is (mom do you have it?)

I was pointing at one of the many "K"s that were carved into that tree by me 16 years ago.

The back of our house. I was so glad no one was home to call the cops on me.

We tried to find my old elementary school, but it looks like it isn't there anymore.

November 30th. We were going to go to my old church, but we decided to skip church and drive around the island and we DID drive all the way around the island. It was neat to see things that we would have missed if we weren't heading that way for something. We stopped at North Shore. There were 20-30 feet waves every time we went to North Shore. It was an awesome sight. Too bad cameras can't capture how big the waves were.

We drove past Kualoa Ranch. Many movies and tv shows were filmed here. Lost is currently being filmed here and somewhere near where we were on the North Shore.

We ended at Hanuema Bay, where we snorkeled for a couple of hours. It had gorgeous clear water with lots of sea life. We even had the chance to swim with a turtle. It was exhausting snorkeling here. The current was really strong and it would push you into the reefs, which everyone had to watch a video about not touching it before they were allowed to swim, but well worth it!


Kraucyk said…
Again... AMAZING pictures! Awesome that you found your old house. And the carvings on the tree... WOW! Plus we're jealous of the para sailing. However... don't dip our feet in the ocean! You never know what sea monster is going to grab you.
Landy said…
Good to see you on Sunday...for a split second.;) That's a really nice house for Hawaii. I didn't read the whole post but you look good in orange. Ha. Happy New Year.

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